Craft your own Retreat

The jungles and beaches of Costa Rica have turned in to the favorite scene for the lovers of traditional physical and mental discipline. Yoga and Wellness Retreats, enjoyed among the exotic nature of Costa Rica, are the new attraction in health tourism.

Mareas Yoga & Wellness Retreats take people away from their busy lives and put them back in touch with tranquility.  At Mareas you are surrounded by over 400 acres of pristine rain forest teaming up with wild life.

Mareas has created a “ØKm Cuisine” a farm to table retreats featuring Tim Davis and International Yoga and Wellness doctors and teachers focusing on the healing experience.




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  • Vanessa Lambert March 12-17, 2016
  • Tanja Djelevic May 7-14, 2016
  • Colin Kim Jan 28 to Feb 4, 2017
  • Mantas Zivina: January 10-15, 2017
  • Create Connection: January 21-28, 2017
  • Vanessa Lambert March 4-9, 2017